Top Shopping Malls in Cebu

Shopping will never be the same when you visit Cebu’s top shopping malls. Here, you can practically buy anything you need – be it grocery items, wardrobes, jewelries, furniture and home accessories, books, gadgets and appliances. You can even spend few pesos for beauty treatments such as haircuts, nail polishing, spa, massage, and more. Spend time with family as you dine in the various restaurants it offer. Cebu’s shopping malls can give you the best prices, especially when it’s out on sale. So here are few of the best shopping malls here in the city.

  1. Ayala Shopping Center Cebuayala center cebuIt’s a large shopping mall located at the Cebu Business Park, which accommodates around a hundred thousand people almost every day. It’s a great place for shopping all kinds of well-known brands. The whole family or good friends come to this shopping center to socialize and unwind from their regular routines. Visiting tourists and locals come here to get together, dine, and have fun. The location is perfect as it is surrounded with Cebu’s established hotels and business centers. Generally, this is where most people of Cebu spend their luxury time enjoying and having fun.
  2. SM City Cebusm city cebuIt is the largest shopping mall here in Cebu City. It’s actually the first SM Shopping Center outside Metro Manila with over hundred thousand people visiting the mall almost every single day. SM City Cebu is probably the busiest mall especially on weekends, probably for reasons that prices of commodities just suit one’s budget. It’s also an accessible place to nearby cities and towns. The mall significantly attracts several transient shoppers, mainly because it’s located near the seaport. And since the construction of its expansion building, the North Wing, it has attracted the upper class customers as well. Generally, it’s a shopping mall for people from all walks of life.
  3. Gaisano Country Mall
    gaisano country mallThis mall is probably the biggest shopping center owned by the Gaisano chain of stores. Although they have other branches located strategically in other parts of Cebu, but this is where most upper class and middle class customers come to buy their goods. It’s basically situated in Banilad going to Talamban where most of the rich and famous live with Maria Luisa Park and Paradise Village as examples. Generally, one shopper can’t resist the very affordable prices of commodities.
  4. Robinsons Place
    robinsons place cebu
    This is probably one of the most successful and older shopping centers in Cebu. It’s situated in the Fuente Osmeña Oval for several years now. It’s a shopping center with over fifty retail stores and houses the renowned Cebu Midtown Hotel. Due to its accessible location and rising popularity among Cebuanos and foreigners, the mall has branched out just nearby to what is today the Robinsons Cybergate. People from all walks of life come here to buy merchandise they need at home, in school, or for the office; or simply dine in their fine restaurants.

There you go – the best shopping malls in Cebu City. If you have your own car, just drive through and park in a safe and convenient parking lot. You may also commute through accessible public transportation, which drops you off immediately here.

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