How to Choose a Great Rental Car in Cebu?

Cebu is known as the “Queen City of the South”. Tourists from around the world love to see the magnificence of the different places in Cebu. It has many historical spots and other tourist destinations here and around the cities. They can see old cathedrals, historical houses, shrines, fortress, shopping centers, beaches, and more. The restaurants are also a must see when you want to taste Cebuano cuisines. This is adequate reason to be in the province. And perhaps a car rental company can take you to these beautiful places.

Car Rental Taking You to Places

When you reach the Cebu International Airport, it’s when you want to explore Cebu at once. Hire a tour guide to take you to places including your hotel accommodation. A taxi may take you to these places, but for some tourists, they prefer to hire a car including a chauffeur. If you prefer to drive alone, be sure you own a Filipino driving license. This can make you drive confidently down the familiar streets of Cebu.

Choosing the Car Rental Company

At the Cebu International Airport, you find various car hire companies waiting for customers. If you have already booked to a car rental company, you will just have to show your reservation. If you hadn’t decided yet, choose the best deals especially when it comes to price and the brand of the car. Opting for car rental is a wise choice as you have the car totally to yourself. Just make necessary arrangements when to pull out the vehicle and return it.

Your chosen car rental company can offer various options on how to use the vehicle. The rates are packaged depending on the number of hours or days you travel to and fro your destination. The farther you take the vehicle from the airport, the higher are the rental fees. But you need not worry as the vehicle is in running condition and well maintained. Just be sure you have a contract so you travel safely and avoid arguments. You have to fuel or refuel the vehicle before you start enjoying your rides.

Choosing the Car

Choose the car depending on the number of people riding with you. Ensure you understand the features and conveniences that a car rental company can provide its clients. Car rental dealers offer special rates and deals especially when booked earlier.
The vehicle you choose must ensure everyone is safe. Even if it is just car rental, you need to secure your passengers with safety features while traveling. The car must have door locks, seat belts and airbags to prevent untoward incidents. As Cebu can really be hot, ensure everyone is comfortable and relaxed with great cooling systems.

Cebu is a huge place to tour around so be ready with finances. Be sure to pay for all expenses including the car rental, gasoline and oil. Many times, you have to pay fees for parking in public areas. Just ensure to treat the vehicle as if it was your own.

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