Cebu Club FortMed, Boljoon: How to get there

For some reason, Cebu will never run out of fun and interesting destinations for locals and visiting tourists. Take Cebu’s south for instance, a booming tourist destination with its pristine white sand beaches, lush green mountains, scenic spots, and a collection of hotels and resorts that will make a fine home-away-from-home for many guests.

cebu club fort med

Among those resorts is Cebu Club FortMed in Boljoon. Fort Med is located about a kilometer before entering Boljoon town proper. With the resort’s various reasonably-priced facilities and rooms rates, you’re sure to find something for your friends and families. If you’re also looking to rent a nice space for special events and conferences, Club Fort Med caters to that too. Aside from the gorgeous beach front view, the resort also has a nice swimming pool making it a great place for work and play. As for the food, Fort Med mainly serves Filipino cuisine but if you want something else, you can order other menu in advance.

How to get to Club Fort Med

The southern part of Cebu is generally accessible from Cebu City and from Cebu’s neighboring islands including Bohol and Dumaguete. And since Fort Med is located in the historic town of Boljoon, in the southern part of Cebu, it’s very easy to get there.

If you’re coming from Cebu City, you can hire private car transfer to Boljoon or you can rent self drive cars. For low budget travelers,  you’ll find several buses both air-conditioned and regular that can take you to Boljoon. Simply go to Cebu South Bus Terminal situated at Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City. Travel will take at least 3 hours or more.

Airport to Cebu Club Fortmed Private Car Transfer Rates

Type of CarOne WayRound Trip (Same Day)
Sedan (4 pax maximum)2,500.003,800.00
Minivan (7 pax maximum) 3,500.004,700.00
Van (14 pax maximum)4,500.005,700.00

From Dumaguete, you can also get to Club Fort Med in Boljoon quite easily. There are trips via fast craft at Sibulan Port from Dumaguete to Liloan, Cebu. The port is small and the seats are limited, but the trips are hourly so you don’t have to wait too long. The fair is only 62.00, and the travel time is only 10-15 minutes.From Liloan (which is located at the southernmost part of Cebu), you’ll find Ceres buses just outside the port that can take you North, to Boljoon.

When coming from Bohol, you can take ferries to Cebu for a fast and comfortable trip. There are several ferries including Weesam Express, Lite Jet, and Super Cat (to name a few)that docks at either Cebu City Pier 2 or Pier 4. Rates and schedules vary so it’s advised to check out their respective websites and choose the ferry service that best suits your time and budget. From the pier, take a cab or a jeepney to Cebu South Bus Terminal and ride a bus to Boljoon.

What to see in Boljoon

Boljoon is among Cebu’s oldest towns, established even before the Spanish occupation in the 16th century. This peaceful and quaint place offers picturesque views of the ocean and tall mountain ranges, plus a magnificent view of Bohol strait. In fact, it’s been dubbed as “the only postcard town in the entire Cebu Province”. So, if you’ll be staying at Club Fort Med soon, and you have time to spare – better check out some of the town’s famous historical spots.

Recommended places for you to explore are the El Grande Baluarte (the largest watchtower in Cebu), Boljoon Parish Museum, Boljoon Archeological Site, Plaza Bermejo, Boljoon Heritage Walk, Ili Rock, and the Arbor Marine Sanctuary.

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