Bar Locations for Cebu Nightlife

People are not just contented with daytime activities like shopping and dining; hence they venture for a livelier recreation for partying and merrymaking. Here, they prefer to dance or go karaoke and meet new friends that share similar interests. Instead of luscious cuisines, they settle for beers, wines and finger foods. There’s more hanging out and chilling. This time, it’s up on late evenings till the wee hours of dawn. Here are popular locations where you can spend a great nightlife in Cebu.

IT Park

Photo Credit: restymail on Flickr

We all know that IT Park is a renowned business center in Cebu. It’s actually located in Apas, just about the corner where Waterfront Cebu Hotel stands.  This part is where you see Call Centers and other outsourcing offices. As expected, it is very busy at nighttime.

This is where you find people oftentimes speaking fluent English; hence many consider them classy. Few restaurateurs and bar owners have made this area more exciting and interesting by making it a haven for partying and dancing all night long.  Weekends can be crowded with customers so it’s hard to find an available table for chilling.

You will find here Jacobos, Moon Café, Pier 1, Loft and Penthouse; and they’re the best places to be for nightlife at IT Park. So stay happy and go chilling all night long!

Mango Avenue and Mango Square


In terms of location, Mango Square along Mango Avenue or General Maxilum Avenue is surely one place never to miss when it comes to nightlife. As you can see, it’s near Fuente Osmeña so it’s very accessible.

It’s where dazzling Cebuanas and jamming foreigners party and dance all night long. The bars usually open at ten in the evening till the wee hours of dawn. Even up till 6AM, you hear partying and jamming from those having fun.

The best clubs to be are at Alchology, Hybrid and some karaoke singing. Just be really careful here as there are lots of crooks hoping to victimize you. So it’s important to stay safe and be safe all the time.



This section is located down Banilad and many might find it too far for nightlife. But if you are into some party, the location is just few minutes away from Mango Square or IT Park.

However, what you often see here are youngsters chilling and hanging out. You see them mostly at VuDu dancing and probably beer drinking. There’s also a famous resto-bar, the Maya Mexican Restaurant, which has great food and ambiance. But don’t be alarmed by the surprising prices for every meal. If you’re out to sing out loud, there’s K1 Family KTV. Believe me, it’s such a fun place to hang out with a partner and few good friends.

These are few places to find great bars in Cebu. Cebu nightlife is certainly not far behind. In fact, it is as comparable to bars and clubs in Metro Manila or anywhere in the world. So if you are out for fun, fun, and partying, these are the places to be here in Cebu.

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